Renting Designer Dresses: Is this Zimmermann FAKE?

*Gasp*! In light of the recent scandal surrounding Borrow my Balmain's fake Dior rentals, this weeks blog post is going to surround my top three tip's for spotting a fake item - so you can rent & buy with confidence. For this segment, I'm going to discuss how to spot fake Zimmermann items specifically, as they are the most frequently copied in the industry.


  1. The size tag is next to the care label

A real Zimmermann item will only ever have the size number to the right of the Zimmermann tag, as shown on my dress in the first photo. The other two have theirs positioned adjacent to the care label.

Zimmermann Dress


Fakes are most prevalently sold through peer-to-peer trading networks like eBay and various Facebook groups, which many people use to avoid paying import charges by buying direct from Zimmermann. The problem is that many end up buying fakes. Below are more examples of popular pieces with fake tags (again, the size is adjacent to the care label). 


2. The seller is selling multiple Zimmermann items (15-200+), all "New Without Tags"


ANY person or company who claims to be a warehouse, wholesaler or stock samples is lying - the ONLY place who does this legitimately is Zimmermann's own outlet in Rosebery (Sydney) and/or their own endorsed warehouse sales in NSW/VIC.


 3. The details on the garment are inaccurate

To the untrained eye, these small differences are commonly overlooked. The first image shows an authentic Zimmermann tassel on a paradiso playsuit, while the right image shows a fake beaded tassel. 

The Tropicale Antique playsuits are one of the most prevalent fakes currently. With an eye for detail, you can quickly see the differences though.

As you can see, on the authentic playsuit (image taken from Zimmermann directly), the embroidery details are crafted from a light cotton and there is no shine to the embroidery. 


There you have it - my top three tips for spotting a fake Zimmermann item! Shop with confidence at Hire Society - where we guarantee all of our items as authentic. I take a lot of pride in researching our suppliers extensively to ensure authenticity & maintain our high level of consumer confidence. 

To browse our range of authentic Zimmermann items, follow the link below:


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