June: Q & A with Simone Anderson - Journey to Health

June: Q & A with Simone Anderson - Journey to Health

Welcome to the first installation of our new interview series! Each month we will shine a spotlight on an influential person that we love. These aren't your typical influencers - these are people with passion, power, and a message to share with you all.

First up is the beautiful Simone Anderson from Journey to Health. I have been following Simone since the beginning of her journey, and have loved following her every step of the way. In talking to one of the most incredible, down to earth influencers I have met, I set out to ask her some questions about what's going on in her jam-packed lifestyle.


    We are so excited to get our hands on a copy of your autobiography “Journey To Health” - could you tell our readers some more about your book?

My book is really just a tell all about my life, focusing on what lead to my weight gain, my weight loss journey and what it has lead to now in terms of life and social media!


     What has been your go-to snack for a busy day?

I love dark chocolate peanut butter on rice cracker and frozen grapes! Sounds off but both are SOO good!


     As a trained MUA, what is the top tip you would give to someone who’s new to makeup? 

I would say don't be afraid to experiment and try new things, makeup is creative and is so much fun! Whats the worst that can happen - you have to wipe it off and start again?!


    What beauty product could you not live without? 

That would definitely be my Clarity Serum from Loft Beauty Boutique, if you suffer from spots like me this is a lifesaver, it literally dries them out over night.


    What is your favourite thing about your house?

My bedroom, it is light and bright with a very warm feeling. I have my makeup station all set up in it and it has a very glamorous feeling to it.


    Anyone who follows you on Instagram would know and love you as New Zealand’s ultimate platter queen - what are 5 of your staple items for a platter?

JUST FIVE?! Let me think.... crackers, cheese of course, lots of beautiful fresh fruit, quince paste is a must for me and I love some beautiful smoked salmon.


    What handbag are you currently using? 

My every day go to is my black Prada, great size fits in all my things while being sturdy and super versatile.


    How did you decide on the name Maddox for your new pup? (How gorgeous is he?!)

We googled baby boy names! Picked our 5 favourites and narrowed it down from there once we met him and saw his personality


        What is your favourite outfit from our website?

    The Sultan's Gate Wrap dress by Camilla!



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